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Google Ad Doctor | Partners

Google Ad Doctor Partners is the all new world renowned Google marketing service and product, to change the way your marketing budget is spent. After 12 months of research, our Google Ad Doctor technicians found over 73% of all Google internet searches, were either irrelevant inquiries. People browsing or even your competitor’s clicking on and off your website. So imagine your competitors clicking on your website 10 times in the space of 30 minutes?

Click Fraud is something which is on the increase. The frustrating thing is, it can not be stopped. Until Now! Google Ad Doctor is the first marketing product which allows small to medium size business get on the first page of Google with no Pay Per Click Charges. Yes, that is correct. For the first time in 14 years, the product everyone was waiting for, has now launched!

Google Ad Doctor Partners

Google Ad Doctor Partners

Google Ad Doctor | No Click Charges

Google Ad Doctor allows small to medium sized businesses get onto the first page of the search engine, without paying a click charge. With over 84% of all businesses turning Online, the presence online is a MUST! But how do you get on the first page, without wasting your marketing budget on SEO, or Adwords?

Ad Doctor offers businesses the flexibility to secure their local state/province or even country, for one month at a time. This allows every business to forecast and plan their marketing budgets on a weekly basis.

Google generates over 95% of all in revenue from the Sponsored Ads. The top 3/4 listings on your search results is where over 80% of your potential clients click on! Google Ad Doctor Partners allows your business to have a prominent position on the first page of Google, live within 48 hours under 10 of your most searched for phrases. For example: Wedding Photographers Toronto, your ads would appear on the first page. No Click Charges and live within 48 hours.

Google Ad Doctor

Google Ad Doctor

Month By Month Allocations | Google Ad Doctor Partners

As we all know, wedding photographers and videographers are getting booked 12/18 months in advance! So Ad Doctor Partners allows your business to have a page one position. The true beauty behind this is, you advertise on Google.com/Google.ca or any Google of your choice – until you are fully booked! A bit like a water tap, turn the tap on- when you want the business. Turn the tap off when you do not. It is as simple as that!


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