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Google Health Manger – Tony Bray | 4155067829

4155067829 – Welcome to Google Ad Doctor, the first Google marketing campaign due to launch in 2017. Google Technician; Mr Bray on (1) 4155067829 has been selected to launch the NEW Google Ad Doctor campaign across Canada & USA. Mr Bray has been a certified Google Technician for over 7  Years, with an outstanding portfolio consisting of Life Coaches, Network Marketing, MLM, Weight Loss, Anti Aging & Many more..



Google Health Manager – Tony Bray | 4155067829

If you received a missed call from Mr Bray, chances are you were selected by the Google team to become a part of the world’s first exclusive Google campaign. Allowing your company to purchase keywords, with a guaranteed page one position. If at this stage, you are new to the Google Ad Doctor campaign, and have not seen the billboards & TV adverts, do not worry – you can visit this article to find out more…  CLICK HERE TO READ MORE 


Google Health Manager – Tony Bray | 4155067829

Please do not mistake this for SEO or PPC [ Pay Per Click ] and chances are if you have either missed a call from Mr Bray, or simply returning his call – you were selected and vetted as a credible business. Are you a Independent Distributor? As of Jan 2017, we have teamed up with the World’s most popular Associations, if you are a part of any Association or MLM, then please call 415-506-7829 for more information.

So What Is Google Ad Doctor?
The All New Google Ad Doctor is due to launch towards the end of this year 2016, changing the way you now advertise on the Google search engine. This NEW Google Ad Doctor Campaign offers SME’s around the world the opportunity to secure a city/county/state or province under exclusivity, but most important without paying any click charges.

Some Major Key Points You Need To Know:

  • 100% Exclusive To One Company Per Market Sector
  • No Contracts
  • No Additional Click Charges
  • Live On Google Within 48 Hours